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Jacob Harryman, entrepreneur

I know the next chapter of my life is going to be even more exciting and filled with even more success. There’s that strong will again!

 Jacob Harryman, B.S. '17

Independence is Jacob Harryman’s modus operandi. His mother likes to say that she knew immediately that his early display of a strong will (we hear you, mom!) would lead to a lifetime of Harryman insisting on doing everything himself. During his teenage years, he focused on gaming and billiards, which he believes were a catapult for him to join the U.S. Navy after high school. While there, he served as a technician in aviation electronics, working on EA6B Prowlers. Those military years taught Harryman strong values like honor, courage and commitment. The winner-take-all mentality of his teenage years evaporated, and the hard work he put in to his Navy career propelled him to start his own business. He’s done this several times over the years – a landscaping company, a mortgage firm, construction, real estate, even an electrical company – and he’s learned to be reflective about his successes, and his failures.

Now as an Entrepreneurship Fellow, education is his priority. He’s learning from seasoned entrepreneurs and his classmates, and maximizing the program’s hands-on experience to grow as an entrepreneur.