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Patrick Martin, Entrepreneurship Fellow

I'm a pretty social guy that is how my business concept came to life. I'm solving a problem that I see in the marketplace through a social app called Snifter. - Patrick Martin

 Patrick Martin

Patrick Martin was born and raised in Carroll County, Maryland and currently lives in Baltimore. He attended Liberty High School in Eldersburg, Maryland and ventured into Baltimore City frequently while growing up. Now he considers himself a Baltimore City resident. He also played competitive sports and traveled the state and country in his younger years.

Martin has always had an interest in sales, networking, and building something from nothing. He’s admitted that he is a very social guy.

“I have built my network well beyond Maryland and the East Coast. I started my entrepreneurial career with a software engineer from Towson. We built unmanned aerial vehicles and with filming capabilities. We filmed music festivals, small shows, architectural firms, and even photographed landscapes. I still maintain my companies Facebook page, Team MG Engineering, which has over 3,500 likes.”

Understanding that the immense regulations that surround the UAV industry he decided to step back from his first venture and start on a new venture concept, Snifter. This platform will crowd source information about the city night life including ratings and reviews, pictures, happy hours, events, and host coupons for purchase.

“Essentially we are developing a one-stop shop for anyone going out for entertainment in the city.”