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Aisha Aulakh, Entrepreneurship Fellow

"The Entrepreneurship Fellows Program holds a large value in my life because I have the opportunity to continuously build small ventures while fulfilling an education."-  Meejee Kim

Meejee Kim

Meejee Kim chose the Entrepreneurship Fellows Program because she is able to actively learn how to build ventures in real life and in class. She loves learning about the business ventures that UB students are working on because it demonstrates the diversity of ideas, experiences and dreams of her peers.

"This is a unique program because I use my education, internship experiences, and other attributes gained from this program to cohesively work with what I have to build my own venture and relationships."

Kim has have traveled to numerous countries with an orchestra to perform and connect with communities through music. She also love playing sports and leading an active lifestyle. 

What is she working on now?

Meejee Kim decided to partner with her mother to grow a culinary business. At this time she is preparing to launch Bowl & Bap—a startup Korean food catering business incorporating Korean staples with an "Americanized" approach. One interesting fact about her plan is that she wants to develop a "Pay a Bowl Forward" program with a portion of the profits. Her community program would support funding a campaign to help those in urban areas with hunger and a financial solutions.