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Brianna Billips, Entrepreneurship Fellow

"Passion and determination that is why I'm an entrepreneur. I want to be impactful with everything I do."-  Brianna Billips

Brianna Billups

Brianna Billups has a passion for many things, but two areas in particular have now converged—the culinary arts and bringing to light nutritional needs of those living in food deserts.

A transfer student from Anne Arundel Community College, Billups arrived at the University of Baltimore with a fire in her belly for her latest business "Fully Grown," an organic fruit snack company where the profits go toward programs and initiatives that focus on nutritional health of families and children.

"I knew I wanted to be a chef at age 11. I've always been around food. I earned a A.A. in Culinary Arts from community college and believed that I could use what I learned about food to impact the community around me."

Billups is all about getting things done, in fact she takes the time to volunteer for the nonprofit "It Takes a Village," that has local roots at Grove Park Elementary. She started with helping the children with reading and writing, but now she's added cooking and gardening. "Understanding how food is grown and prepared, helps them understand what a healthy lifestyle looks like."


What is she working on now?

Briana Billups' company "Fully Grown" is in the early stages of development.