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Zipcar map

Wheels only when you want them—and just around the corner.

Who needs a big car payment and insurance bills every month, not to mention the growing expense of filling up the tank and parking?

For just $25, get a UB Zipcar membership (students, faculty and staff age 18 and older*). You'll also get $35 of driving credit.

  • Use a Zipcar starting at $7.75 an hour (gas and insurance included).
  • Reserve an economy car, a van, an SUV or maybe even a Mercedes Benz—whatever suits your need.
  • Access more than 100 vehicles in Baltimore, with more than 25 near UB's campus, including next to the UB Student Center on Maryland Avenue and next to Penn Station on Saint Paul Street.
  • With your Zipcar membership, you have access to Zipcars in more than 50 cities across North America.

Get your UB Zipcar Membership now.

*Zipcar members younger than 21 choose from a restricted selection of cars.

Last Published 10/2/15