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 Mileage Rate for Use of Personal Vehicle


January 1, 2017  - December 31, 2017
53.5 Cents Per Mile
January 1, 2016 - December 31, 2016
 54.0 Cents Per Mile


Mileage reimbursement on an expense account:

The state requires that normal commute miles from home to UB be deducted from all expense accounts except as noted below. Commute miles are something that you would have incurred anyway and thus not subject to reimbursement.


Important Notes:
  • If the amount of the original expense form submitted for processing is amended, the P.O. must be updated and re-received to reflect the new amount.
  • Students are not required to deduct commute miles when requesting reimbursement for mileage.
  • Any employee assigned to work at a location other than their normal location may report travel expenses for reimbursement purposes.  The travel expenses are limited to the difference in mileage between travel necessary to report to the original work location and the new location.  For instance, an employee required to commute a greater distance to work at an alternative location may report the difference in mileage between the employee’s original location and the temporary assignment location. 

Commute Miles Exceptions:

1. If you are starting and ending your trip at UB then commute miles are not required.  You must clearly state that on your expense account.  If you go from home to a meeting and then come to Ub then you need to deduct one way commute miles.

2. If you start or end your journey on a weekend or holiday then you do not need to deduct commute miles.

3. If you start your journey on a day when you have already worked, commute miles are not required.  You need to explain that on your expense account.

4. If we are paying mileage for a non-employee then commute miles are not required.

**Expense accounts that do not deduct commute miles and do not fall under the above exceptions will not be processed and returned for corrections.  In order to ensure that you receive your reimbursement as expeditiously as possible, please complete the expense account with commute miles deducted.  For exceptions, please make sure that you note that you either started at UB or that you all under exception 2,3, or 4.

Commute Miles Example (pdf)

Last Published 1/10/17