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Computer Selection

Congratulations on your appointment to University of Baltimore, and welcome. The Office of Technology Services appreciates the importance of complementary technology in your professional success. To get things started off, we aim to have your computer setup ready for your first day at UB.

The form below will step you through questions to help us select the best computer for you. At the end of the form you will be able to provide us additional information and we will contact you with any follow up questions.

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Laptop Features
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Computer Usage Options

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Review Your Selections and Choose Upgrades

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Review Available Software

Your computer will come with some standard software installed. If you'll need other licensed software, we ask you to list that software here but you will need to work with your department to obtain that license.

Visit this page for the standard software package.

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Review Your Choices

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Additional Information

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Last Published 4/2/16