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Interested in a legal career? The University of Baltimore is an ideal place to pursue your interest in law.

We offer:

  • law-related courses, events, and activities for undergraduates and graduate students;
  • a wide range of resources for future lawyers and those pursuing other law-related careers;
  • programs that emphasize law and legal issues;
  • the advantage of a close connection to UB's law school and its opportunities; and
  • early entry and automatic admit to UB's law school for those who qualify.

Prelaw advice

To plan your course of study and explore the practice of law and other law-related careers, contact UB's pre-law advisor, Prof. Michele Cotton.

Michele Cotton, J.D., Ph.D., Pre-Law Advisor

Michele Cotton, J.D., Ph.D.

Prof. Cotton can help you:

  • decide if becoming a lawyer is right for you
  • explore law-related careers that may not require a Juris Doctor degree
  • learn about law school and the practice of law
  • develop the right course of study for your goals
  • understand the law school application process

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Last Published 7/14/17