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Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions incoming freshmen ask when applying to the University of Baltimore.

  • How are admission decisions made?

    The admission committee reviews all documents submitted by an applicant, including transcripts, test scores, the personal statement and any other supplemental documents. GPA, rigor of course load, quality of essay and performance on standardized tests are reviewed in conjunction with one another to create an overall picture of the applicant.

  • What are the average GPA and test scores for incoming freshmen?
    The average GPA for an incoming freshman is 3.0 and the average SAT score is between 900-1,000 on the math and critical reading sections combined.

  • If I don't have a strong GPA or test score, can I still be admitted?

    Students who do not have a strong GPA and/or test score can still gain admission to UB. These situations are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. You should speak to your admission counselor to get more information.

  • Are recommendations required?

    Recommendations are required for students who are more than three years beyond high school enrollment. For all other applicants recommendations are encouraged if you feel they will strengthen your application for admission.

  • Are test scores optional?

    Test scores are required for admission as a freshman. However, if you have been out of high school for three or more years, test scores are not required.

  • What is the deadline for submitting an application?

    The deadline for freshman application is April 1. Applications received after this date will be considered only if space remains in the freshman class, and the applicant is of exceptional merit. You should apply as soon as possible , as UB notifies applicants of admission on a rolling basis—you will receive an admission decision from us as soon as your application file is complete.

  • Do you have special admission requirements for internationally educated students?

    If you were educated at a non-U.S. institution, UB may require you to submit additional testing results and documentation. Students whose native language is not English and/or whose primary mode of instruction has been non-English may be required to take an English proficiency exam. Additionally, non-U.S. academic transcripts are required to be evaluated by a U.S. credential evaluation service. UB does not evaluate transcripts from non-U.S. schools.

  • I have an application fee waiver from the College Board or my high school. How do I apply it to my UB application?

    To apply a fee waiver, submit the waiver form by either mail or email (as an attachment) to the Office of Admission. You will then receive a fee waiver code via email to use on the online application.

    If you do not have an official fee waiver from the College Board or your high school, you can still request a fee waiver from the Office of Admission. Requests are reviewed on a case-by-case basis and waivers are awarded based on financial difficulty or special circumstances.

  • I have been out of high school for a long time. Are my high school transcripts still required?

    All students applying for freshman admission are required to submit their high school transcripts. The high school transcript requirement is only waived if you have a minimum of 24 transferable credits from an accredited institution of higher education.

    Students who are more than three years beyond high school enrollment may be admitted without meeting the usual criteria for admission (for example, SAT/ACT scores are not required) if the admission officer in the UB Office of Admission determines that the individuals applying have the potential for successful college work. This determination may be made by the evaluation of successful work experiences, by essay, by portfolio assessment and/or by placement testing. A resume and two letters of recommendation are required.

  • I have a GED. Can I still apply for admission to UB?

    Students with a GED or other equivalency diploma can apply for admission to UB. The admission committee reviews these applications on a case-by-case basis. You must submit an official copy of your GED and, unless you have been out of high school more than three years, an official SAT/ACT score. The admission committee reserves the right to request additional information before making an admission decision.

  • Do you accept Advanced Placement credits, International Baccalaureate credits or dual-enrollment credits?

    UB does accept credit for prior learning. You must submit official transcripts/scores to the Office of Admission to be awarded credit.

  • Can freshmen apply for summer admission?

    Freshmen can only apply for fall or spring admission.

  • Does the Office of Admission offer scholarships to freshmen?

    The Office of Admission has a generous merit-award program for freshman. Scholarship awards range from $1,000-7,000 per year and are awarded based on your cumulative high school GPA and test scores. If you have not yet applied or received an official award, you can find out how much you could qualify for by self-reporting your GPA and test scores.

  • Do I have to attend new student orientation?

    Yes. Before the start of your first semester at UB, you'll be required to attend orientation, a daylong program that will help familiarize you with UB. You'll get connected to campus resources, meet fellow students and more. You can find more details here.

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Last Published 10/30/17