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Setting you up for success.

You're going to learn a lot during your freshman year at the University of Baltimore. You're also going to have a lot of fun. The foundation you build during your first year here is the key to your success on campus and beyond—we'll help ease you into campus life and help set you on the right track.

At UB, you get the best of both worlds.

UB is part of the University System of Maryland, and as an institution of only 3,500 undergraduates, you get a private college experience at a much lower cost. In fact, UB's Finish4Free program can give you a big break on tuition. As a first-time, full-time freshman, you'll receive a tuition-free final semester when you complete your degree in four years.


freshman experience
  • Learning Communities

    During your freshman year, UB's learning communities allow you to get to know your classmates and professors in a set of thematically linked classes. These classes count toward your general education requirements and are designed to be interactive and flexible. A wide range of topics are available for you to choose; recent themes have included social networking, superheroes, crime dramas, classical mythology, propaganda and pop culture.
  • First-Year Seminar

    Through a combination of classroom and online instruction, the First-Year Seminar is designed to help you develop skills to apply to your studies while at UB. As part of this course, you'll create:

    • A four-year college plan: this timeline will outline how you can achieve your goals while at UB, which may include studying abroad or finding an internship.
    • An electronic portfolio: this documentation of your academic and professional development can be used to apply for internships, jobs or graduate school.
  • Freshman Advising

    Your academic adviser is one of your primary resources on campus; he or she can assist you with finding course options and registration, understanding academic policies, connecting with campus resources and fielding any other questions or concerns you may have.
  • Living On Your Own Terms

    At UB, you get to choose where you live, eat and play. We don't have dorms or dining plans—you have the flexibility to choose housing that works best for you based on pricing, location and amenities. If living near campus sounds like a good option, the Office of Admission can point you toward nearby housing resources. The staff can also provide you with area maps and transportation resources.
  • Student Life Snapshot

    At UB, the campus life opportunities available to you are limitless. Below are a few highlights; we're sure you'll find your own things to love about UB.

    Get Involved
    There are more than 90 student-run organizations for you to get involved with at UB—plus, there's the option of starting your own. In addition to honor societies and academic-interest groups, there are dozens of special-interest groups based on your hobbies, identity and other passions. The Rosenberg Center for Student Involvement can help you find your niche.

    Inside the UB Student Center
    The UB Student Center is the hub of student life at the University. Inside, you'll find a convenience store, a cafe, study lounges, meeting spaces, a TV lounge, a computer lab, a game room and a 200-seat recital hall. The Student Center also houses several centers you'll want to familiarize yourself with, including:

    Stay Happy, Stay Healthy
    When it comes time to blast out the stress, UB's Campus Recreation and Wellness facilities feature a full-service recreation center where you can get involved in competitive sports. Stay motivated with the help of a personal trainer or try basketball, boxing, racquetball, spinning and more.

Last Published 8/29/17