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We inspire solutions and creative approaches to institutional challenges through data collection, research and analysis.

Our work informs:

  • institutional planning
  • policy formation
  • decision-making.

Content At a Glance

UB Reports

Accreditation Reports and Program Reviews

You can also review accreditation reports (self-studies) for various University schools and programs and program reviews for those not managed by an outside accrediting agency.


The University of Baltimore administers a series of surveys that provide data to assess outcomes and satisfaction. Through these surveys, we're able to identify and analyze trends and use the results in future planning.

Survey Reports

Unless otherwise indicated, all files are PDFs.

Climate Survey for Faculty, 2012

Survey Cycle

2015-16 | 2017-18 | 2019-20

  • NSSE/LSSSE/FSSE: Surveys of Student Engagement
  • UB student success survey
  • UB alumni satisfaction and achievement survey
  • UB sophomore satisfaction and engagement survey

2016-17 | 2018-19

Last Published 11/10/17