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Message from the Dean

Going into my third year as Dean of the Merrick School of Business, I have learned a great deal from our business partners, our faculty and our students.  It is clear to me that the University of Baltimore is indeed “the University for Baltimore.”

When I first arrived in Baltimore, a prominent alumnus told me that I should never forget that UB — and particularly Merrick School Business alumni — “form the backbone of Baltimore business.” How right he is!   As a community, we are proud of what we contribute to Baltimore, and we know that even more is demanded of us. We are up to that challenge!  We are, and have been, a creator of business and entrepreneurial leaders.  That is a commitment the Merrick School of Business will continually nurture. 

At the heart of what we do is to launch entrepreneurial and professional careers . 

As an institution, we are embedded in the everyday life of the city and have contributed ideas, resources, and top notch employees to area businesses, non-profits and government agencies.  One of my goals is to continue to spread the word about UB’s Merrick School of Business and the many opportunities that await curious and committed students.

Whether a student wishes to establish, advance or change careers, the Merrick School of Business provides the opportunity, guidance and knowledge to do just that. Our faculty are recognized experts in their fields, often working in the industries they teach.  I frequently hear students say that their classroom experience has enlightened them about what it’s like to go to school with the people they may actually work with after graduation. 

The classroom experience is particularly rich here at the University of Baltimore.  UB prides itself on the deep diversity of our campus, not only in terms of ethnicity and nationality but in terms of the amazing array of life experiences. More than 50 percent of our faculty were born outside of the U.S. and maintain ties with their country of origin.  This critical asset allows the Merrick School to be a bridge to international business and the global economy.  In addition, 40 percent of our students are first generation Americans, and they bring unique cultural perspectives that are immediate and personal. This level of diversity makes us truly unique – as an academic institution and in the marketplace.

Since 1925, UB has been an institution that educates working adults.  We are proud of that heritage and our many past successes.  But we won’t stop there.  The future is dynamic and offers new opportunities for the Merrick School to help our students achieve leadership positions that will serve our city and the world.


Murray M. Dalziel, Ph.D.
Dean, Merrick School of Business
Murray Dalziel