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Share your "brag worthy" activities with the Office of the Dean

Below are activities that could be shared, but don’t limit your thoughts to these areas—Please share, share, share:.

  • Internships during the requested time period,
  • Job Promotions or new job, include organization’s name, new title, and years at the company.
  • Collaborative efforts with other on campus or with local organizations/colleges,
  • Research activities and recent articles of prominence,
  • Media interviews / published news commentaries, opinions, blogs, quotes or news articles,
  • Conference Panels of local, national, international prominence or on UB’s campus.
  • Exceptional student achievements (that you are aware of) inside or outside the classroom,
  • Students’ civic and community service activities   
  • New businesses launched by MSB students
  • Please consider sending a summary of the activities of clubs or honor societies that you lead.
  • An upcoming event. If you have tentative or confirmed event (i.e.: like a speaker appearance), please include details for it.

Additional information you feel important to the public relations of the school/university.


Four times a year, we share the accomplishments of our faculty, staff, and students with the University President and Provost. Please fill out the electronic form below and share what you have going that is newsworthy and we'll share it with the University of Baltimore's Leadership Team.

This information will also be used to identify stories that may align with the school's outreach and marketing objectives, included, but not limited to, web features, leads for internal and public news sources, brochures, and marketing campaigns.

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of the Dean at or 410.837.4955.

What is your status?
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