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Got Questions?

This list is always evolving. If we haven't answered your question, please e-mail or call the Office of the Dean at 410.837.4955.

For Current Students

  • Do you have a web page that has links to a variety of pages I might need to find?

    Yes, we have such a page under Student Resources. There are Merrick School of Business specific pages as well as pages found on UB's website. There are links to information on course schedules, internships, global field studies, honors, administrative offices, graduation, etc.
  • Do you have a guide to graduation for undergraduates?

    We sure do. The Merrick School of Business is committed to providing the guidance and support you need to complete your program in a timely manner. To view your major's guide to graduation, click here.
  • How do I log into my web class?

    Many of our classes are online.  In order to log into Sakai (the platform for our web classes) you'll need to go to UBOnline. Then on the top right you’ll see above the University of Baltimore logo the words “UB Online” click on that and you’ll get into the log in screen. You must know your Network ID (it begins with a letter not a number) and your password. If you don’t know your Network ID or password visit our technology services page.

  • Who is my academic adviser?

    It depends. If you are an undergraduate, we have professional advisers on staff to serve you. You will be assigned to an adviser by the first letter of your last name. Click here to see our undergraduate advisers. If you are a graduate business student, Ray Frederick will be your adviser.
  • I want to find a course description.  Where do I go?

    There are a couple of ways to find out the full course descriptions in the Academic Catalog.  First, the official version can be found through your MYUB Portal or your MYUB/TOWSON Portal. Once you enter the portal, go to "My Student Center." On that page, you'll see on the right-hand side a tab that says "Search for Classes." Click on it and proceed to the tab that reads "Browse Course Catalog." Once you're in, search for the subject and number. If you don't have access to the portal, you can go directly to the PDF version of the Academic Catalog. There you will need to use the "find" function to locate your course.
  • To whom do I speak with when I have a questions about a particular academic problem?

    We recommend that you first speak to either your professor or academic adviser for any particular problem. After that, you would need to see the Department Chair. If you don't get results with the department chair, then you can make an appointment with the Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Services
  • When do semester grades get posted?

    It depends on the semester. You can always find that information on the Academic Calendar. If for some reason your grades are not posted by the due date, then contact the Department Chair of your professor. If for some reason you can't contact them, you can always call the Office of the Dean.
  • I am ready to graduate. How do I apply for graduation?

    Congratulations, and thank you for choosing us as your educational partner. There are a few things you need to do when you are close to graduating: 1.) Let the University know that you are ready to graduate by registering with the Office of Records and Registration. The Graduation Application form can be found on their page. 2.) There are specific deadlines to apply for graduation, check the Academic Calendar to find out the details. The deadline is usually during the first week of each semester. 3.) If you have any specific concerns, contact the Office of Community Life at 410.837.4755 or at
  • How can I schedule an appointment with the dean?

    The dean's executive administrative assistant schedules most meetings for the dean. Please call 410.837.4955 or e-mail Stephanie Danesie to make an appointment.
  • Does the school have a formalized Code of Conduct for both faculty and students?

    Yes, we have such a page under Student Resources. Our faculty promotes high academic standards that enable engaged and curious students from diverse backgrounds to maximize their chances of career success. In a global economy that is increasingly uncertain, a School of Business degree stands for a commitment to lifelong learning, rigorous thinking, and professional, ethical and civil behavior. These attributes are valued by employers, customers, investors, and other stakeholders in the local, national, and global marketplaces.

For Prospective Students

  • Who should I contact if I am interested in a particular academic program?

    Choosing the right business program takes a lot of thought. At the Merrick School of Business we have three undergraduate programs, five graduate programs and several graduate certificates. If you are a prospective student and interested in programs housed in the Merrick School of Business, you should contact the Office of Admission to discuss admission into one of our programs.
  • How many academic programs do you have in the Merrick School of Business?

    You can find out more about our undergraduate academic programs by clicking here or our graduate programs by clicking here.
  • Does the School have AACSB accreditation?

    Good question. You must already know that when a business school has the AACSB International accreditation distinction, it lends to the school's creditability and reputation.Yes, the Merrick School of Business is AACSB accredited.
  • Does the University have articulation agreements with community colleges?

    Absolutely! Articulation Agreements are academic partnerships between a community college and UB. They provide students the opportunity to advance their academic career by transferring more courses, completing coursework sooner, and having more options. If you are enrolled in an articulated program, you should have received an academic advising sheet to walk you through the steps. If not, please contact an academic adviser at your institution.

For Alumni

  • I would like to give back to the School. What ways are available for me to volunteer?

    We have quite a few engagement opportunities for you. Visit our Alumni and Volunteers pages to learn more.

For Employers

  • I am an employer and I would like to hire a Merrick School of Business student as an intern. What do I do?

    The Merrick School of Business has a formal internship program that benefits both students and employers. You can learn more by visiting our web pages associated with internships. If you need further assistance, please contact Leslie Joyce at 410.837.4949.
  • How can I post a position to recruit a University of Baltimore student or alumnus?

    The University of Baltimore's Career Center has a database called UBWorks. This is a great way to post positions for UB students and alumni to view.

For the Media

  • I am a member of the media. Who can I talk with to find a faculty expert or interview?

    Our faculty are available to speak to the media on numerous topics. Please contact either Danielle Giles, director of communications for the Merrick School of Business, or Chris Hart, manager of public information for the University of Baltimore. The University of Baltimore maintains a list of faculty experts for media and others to utilize.