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Merrick School of Business

Responsibility and Sustainability

A message about sustainability from Merrick School of Business Dean Darlene Smith:


Over the past decade, business leaders have embraced a host of new social and environmental trends and solutions in the external business environment. These approaches are having a substantial impact on companies, whether in terms of risks, opportunities or both. They range from a shift to a low-carbon economy and resource scarcity, to globalization and issues of poverty and human rights. Businesses everywhere are designing more energy efficient factories, “greening” supply chains and helping to eradicate poverty though microenterprise strategies. Breakthroughs in sustainability are happening in every industry.

Simply put: Creating sustainable value and global solutions is our greatest opportunity in the 21st century.

As such, it is a great time to be a student – or a professor of business and management – and the Merrick School of Business is taking giant leaps in promoting sustainability and teaching socially responsible leadership. We have taken action to make a difference in the community, the region and globally by being the first University System of Maryland institution to sign the United Nations Global Compact on the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME).

The mission of the PRME initiatives is to inspire and champion responsible management education and thought leadership globally. It seeks to develop a new generation of business leaders by focusing on universally recognized values of sustainability, social responsibility and good corporate citizenship.

These principles are but one example of our holistic commitment to sustainable business models and practices, as well as the leading-edge teaching and research that go with them. Our belief is that an economy and a financial system rooted in sustainability can be just that: sustainable, flexible, strong and capable. To be a vital part of a revitalized, fully functional capitalist society, the Merrick School of Business is looking to the future – and seeing solutions to even the most daunting challenges. We urge you to join us, and be a proud part of one of Maryland’s most forward-facing institutions.

Darlene Brannigan Smith, Dean


The Merrick School’s PRME Report – The PRME Report outlines the School's activities in conjunction with the six Principles of Responsible Management Education. The details are profiled in our December 2008 PRME Report. We hope you are inspired by our vision and excited by our potential. We encourage you to join us as partners in this journey. Please contact us at, if the we can help you or our organization contribute to a more sustainable society.

Leading by Example: The Sustainable University – In the last year, the University of Baltimore adopted a host of green initiatives to improve the quality of campus life as well as the campus’s impact on the environment. The Presidents Climate Commitment and the University’s initiatives are profiled at