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Jeff Logsdail, B.S. '10
Business Administration, Marketing

UB is the kind of place where people think outside the textbook. That’s according to Jeff Logsdail, B.S. ’10. During his time at UB he was able to go beyond the classroom and see the business world through many lenses—transfer student, researcher, marketing-expert-in-training.

“I transferred from West Virginia University—a very large institution—to UB, a much smaller one in terms of class size,” said Logsdail. “I saw UB as great location for a business student and a school where amazing professors who have industry experience were there to help your career trajectory. I know my decision was the right one because of the connections I made with my peers and professors, all of whom have helped me get where I am today.”

Nowadays, Logsdail is a marketing analyst at Medifast, an Owing Mills based-firm that touts a leading easy-to-use, clinically proven, portion-controlled weight-loss program. In his job, he primarily oversees the web analytics of the company’s branded and affiliate sites and provides tracking on all marketing campaigns on TV, radio, print, email and web advertising. What he like best about the company is how rewarding it is to help people regain their health.

“We have had top executives come in from Starbucks, Coca-Cola, and Godiva chocolate. All of them expressed how refreshing it is to work for a company that helps people and changes people’s lives,” Logsdail said.

When asked how UB helped his career, the young graduate says it was the people here that helped him build his knowledge base and boost his confidence. Attending UB also provided him with the opportunity to make lasting relationships with professors and fellow students. A few of the educators who aided in building Logsdail’s confidence were Professors Michael Laric and the late Peter Lynagh.

“What is better than collaborating with your professors as both teacher and colleague?” Logsdail said. “Dr. Laric, Dr. Lynagh and I co-authored a research paper titled Sustainability, Internet Marketing and Its Impact on Global Ports, and presented it at the 13th Annual International Conference of the American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences in Frankfurt, Germany. Traveling with the professors and the whole research process is a memory I will cherish forever.”

But Logsdail didn’t rely entirely on his professor’s “attaboys” when he entered the job market. He made sure to learn and use job-hunting techniques that he believes all students should adopt. One important one is the proper use of “professional” social media.

“Using social media, especially LinkedIn or a company’s Facebook page, certainly can give a job seeker an advantage,” Logsdail explained. “I recently talked with one of Medifast’s corporate recruiters and we are in agreement: when used properly, social media may improve your outcomes.”

As Logsdail discovered, “Recruiters will respond to you and more often than not, follow up with feedback. Making that direct connection with the recruiter is a great way to be remembered."

There’s also the old classic: the great cover letter. Logsdail points out that in a sea of hundreds of applications and resumes, the professional looking, effectively written cover letter is an important way to stand out and personalize your skillset.

“You can display your passion and interest in the industry or even better the company itself, and also highlight some accomplishments or skills that may get lost on the resume,” he said.

Logsdail is in enjoying his time after graduation but is thinking about pursuing his M.B.A and learning a third language. He’s also enjoying his time at Medifast, where his involvement in marketing is bearing out the guiding lessons he learned at UB: Think outside the box, stay flexible, and don’t miss opportunities when they come your way.

This Merrick School of Business alumni profile was added in October 2012.