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Merrick School of Business

Things you might want to know about CEI.

  • Who can use the Incubator Services?

    The incubator is for students and young alumni. We direct assistance and support to the UB students and young alumni interested in building or growing an enterprise. 
    Can anyone come to the workshops, seminars and short courses?
    Absolutely. These educational resources are open to the community!

  • How does it work, can I just stop by?

    Every new client or business is required to make an initial consultation appointment. At the end of the meeting you will be provide action items to complete. Once those action items are finished make an appointment and the process begins.

    You are welcome to stop by to find out information. Counseling sessions are by appointment and usually held on Wednesdays. We’re flexible and try to accommodate other days for those who have tough Wednesdays.

  • Not a Student or Recent Alumni and Looking for Business Counseling?

    Not a problem. The Center and SCORE have a partnership. SCORE counselors are here at our facilities. Appointments are required.

  • Can anyone enter the business competitions?

    Business competitions are only open to students and young alumni. But, you’re welcome to be audience participate. We love when the community attends our business competitions!

  • Interested in being a volunteer?

    Contact our Manager of the Center, John Zuknick at (410) 837-5975 or

  • Making a donation?

    Give here or contact our Manager of the Center, John Zuknick at (410) 837-5975 or