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2017 Rise to the Challenge Winner: Brittany DeNovellis



Brittany along with her team have built Project Kitchen X, a community-driven, worker-owned kitchen cooperative focused on empowering refugee and immigrant women by tapping into their passion for cooking, self-expression, and creating community.




Below are the remaining 6 Finalist of the 2017 Rise to the Challenge competition:
  •  Mustafa Wahid. TransitioningU, an online structure support system providing assistance to students transitioning to college.
  • Hiba Mohammad. Asli Fashion, a modestly designed active wear company that caters to Muslim women.
  • Shane Yaeger.ShortKlips, a cost-effective, easy to use, digital platform that helps brands turn their raw video into usable social media content.
  • Brian Kochesfahani. BLOX, a complimentary, block-to-block transportation service intended to chauffeur people to and from all of Baltimore's historic sights, sport stadiums, festivals, hotels, restaurants and pubs using luxury, street legal, 6 seater golf carts.
  • Kelsey Griffin. His team produces 3D interactive video games. Their current project is Inkwell.
  • Ryan Schuman. PlayMore Entertainment, LLC, a collection of mobile rental activity brands that offer active, unique, and fun events for any occasion