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Entrepreneurship Faculty

The following faculty are focused on the field of entrepreneurship.

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    entrepreneurship Faculty

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  • David Lingelbach
    David Lingelbach, Ph.D.

    David Lingelbach, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
    Resear ch Interests: Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance, Institutional Theory

  • J.C. Weiss
    John C. Weiss, MBA

    J.C. Weiss, Senior Lecturer in Finance and Entrepreneurship

  • Frank van Vliet
    Frank Van Vliet, MBA

    Frank van Vliet, Lecturer in Marketing and Entrepreneurship

The following business school who faculty support and produce research in the fields of entrepreneurship, social enterprise and innovation management.

The following non-business school faculty support and teach in areas of entrepreneurship, intellectual property, social enterprise and innovation management.