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Full-time Marketing Faculty

The following faculty are focused on the field of marketing. 

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    MArketing Faculty

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  • Mike Laric
    Michael Laric, Ph.D.

    Michael Laric, Professor Emeritus of Marketing
    Research Interests: Innovation, Marketing, Technology Transfer, Incubators

  • Dennis Pitta
    Dennis Pitta, Ph.D.

    Dennis Pitta, Professor of Marketing
    Research Interests: Brand Management, Innovation

  • Praneet Randhawa
    Praneet Randhawa, Ph.D.

    Praneet Randhawa, Assistant Professor of Marketing
    Research Interests: Customer and Managerial Issues in Services Marketing, Innovation, and New Product Development

  • Ven Sriram
    Ven Sriram, Ph.D.

    Ven Sriram, Professor of Marketing and Chair of the Department of Marketing and Entrepreneurship
    Research Interests: Marketing, Global Strategy, Emerging Markets, Entrepreneurship

  • Frank van Vliet
    Frank Van Vliet, MBA

    Frank van Vliet, Lecturer in Marketing and Entrepreneurship