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Jerry Yu, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Finance

Department of Finance and Economics
Office: Business Center 405
Phone: 410.837.4078


  • Ph.D., Syracuse University
  • M.A., University of Iowa
  • B.A., National Taiwan University
  • Bio

  • Research Interests

    Institutional Investors' Behavior, Behavioral Finance, Financial Analysts Forecast, IPO.

  • Teaching Interests

    Investments, Financial Management

  • Recent Publications

    Intellectual Contributions

    Refereed Journal Articles

    Wang, C., & Yu, C. (2018). The Holdings Marking-up Behavior of Institutional Investors – Evidence from An Emerging Market. Review of Quantitative Finance & Accounting.

    Lin, T., Chiang, M., & Yu, C. (2016). Analyst Earnings Forecasts and Institutional Investors’ Preferences: An Empirical Study on Forecast Accuracy and Boldness. International Review of Business Research Papers. 12(2), 1-22.

    Yu, C., Wang, W., & Lin, T. (2014). Mutual Fund Herding and Price Discovery - Evidence from an Emerging Market. Advances in Investment Analysis and Portfolio Management. 6(2014), 177-197.


    Yu, C., Huang, G., & Huang, H. Multinational Finance Society Annual Meeting, "CEO Payratio and Bond Yield Spread," Multinational Finance Society, Budapest, Hungary. (2018).

    Yu, C., & Lin, T. 4th Vietnam International Conference in Finance, "IPO's Long-run Performance: Hot Market vs. Earnings Management," Vietnam Finance Association International, Hanoi, Vietnam. (2017).

    Yu, C., Lin, T., & Lin, C. ATINER 13th Annual International Conference on Finance, "The Role of Market Conditions and Earnings Manipulation on IPO Performance," Athens Institute for Education and Research, Athens, Greece. (2015).

    Yu, C., & Wang, W. Multinational Finance Society Conference, "The Earnings Present-Value Relation: Theory and Evidence," Multinational Finance Society, Prague, Czech Republic. (2014).

    Research in Progress

    "Asset Redeployability and Tax Avoidance" (Writing Results)

    "Corporate Governance and M&A Long-run Performance" (On-Going)

    "Corporate Governance and Momentum" (On-Going)

    "Institutional Ownership and IPO Performance" (On-Going)
    This study explore the relationship between the degree of institutional ownership and IPO's performance. Since institutional investors are better-informed and have better foresight about IPO's future performance, we expect that IPO firms with continuously high institutional ownership will tend to have better performance, both in short term and long term.

    "Long-Run Performance of IPOs – Hot Market vs. Earnings Management" (On-Going)

    "Long-Run Performance of IPOs – Institutional Ownership vs. Analyst Following" (On-Going)

    "Overconfidence, Corporate Governance, and Bank Risk-Taking" (On-Going)
    We analyze the interaction of CEO overconfidence and corporate governance on bank risk-taking.

    "Strength versus Weight of the Analysts’ Recommendations – An Empirical Study for the IPO Events" (On-Going)

    "Target Price and Analysts’ Recommendations" (Planning)