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Merrick School of Business

Vincent Luchsinger

Vincent P. Luchsinger, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus

Department of Management and International Business
Office: Business Center 553
Phone: 410.837.5031

  • Ph.D., Texas Tech University
  • M.A., Texas Tech University
  • B.A., Loras College, IA

Professor Luchsinger received his Ph.D. from Texas Tech and has been teaching at UB since 1981. He is a retired U.S. Air Force reserves Major General where he worked as a research scientist. He also served as an ASAF pilot. His research interests range from sustainability, strategy, competitive intelligence and topics in international business.

Intellectual Contributions

Conference Proceedings

Sanford, D., Luchsinger, V. P., & Luchsinger, V. (2011). An Early Examination of Factors in Web Teaching Capstone Courses. Northeast Business Education Association.

Luchsinger, V. P. (2011). The Potential for Sustainability in Office Environments. International Academy of Business and Public Administration Disciplines.

Luchsinger, V. P. (2010). Sustainability in the Construction Industry.

Luchsinger, V. P., ., & Luchsinger, V. P. (2010). Restoring the Lost Republic by Extending America's Founding Values to Its Workplaces and Marketplaces. Association for Private Enterprise Education.


Luchsinger, V. P. Chinese PRC Delegation from Chinese Ministries, "Corporate Governance; Relevance for China," Clarewood Institute, UB. (2011).

Luchsinger, V. P. Regular Meeting, "Cyberwarfare in the Future," ROTARY, York Cnty. (2011).

Luchsinger, V. P. Regular Meeting, "Alternative Energy Implications," ROTARY, York Cnty. (2011).