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Merrick School of Business

Eusebio Scornavacca

Eusebio Scornavacca, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Management Information Systems
John and Margaret Thompson Professorship

Department of Information Systems and Decision Science
Office: Business Center 473
Phone: 410.837.6624

  • Ph.D., Victoria University of Wellington
  • B.B.A., Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
  • M.B.A., Federal University of Rio Grande Do Sul

Prior to joining UB, Professor Scornavacca was a faculty member and director of research at the School of Information Management, Victoria University of Wellington in New Zealand. He has also held academic positions in Japan, Italy and Brazil. His research interests include mobile and ubiquitous information systems, disruptive ICT innovation and electronic surveys. During the past 15 years he has conducted qualitative and quantitative research in a wide range of industries, including research sponsored by the private sector. Professor Scornavacca's research has appeared in journals such as the Journal of Information Technology, Communications of the ACM, Decision Support Systems, Communications of the AIS and the Journal of Computer Information Systems. He is currently chair of the standing committee of the International Conference on Mobile Business—an AIS affiliated conference.

Intellectual Contributions

Book Chapters

Scornavacca, E., Huff, S. L., Hoehle, H., & Sutherland, A. (2012). Perceptions of the Impact of Mobile Sales Force Automation on Salespeople's Performace. IGI Global. 189-202.

Scornavacca, E., & Herrera, F. (2011). Mobile Technologies for the Real-Estate Industry. 82-91.

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Scornavacca, E., & Hunter, M. (2010). Mobile Technologies for the Real-Estate Industry. Business Science Reference. 1077-1086.

Scornavacca, E., Huff, S., & Marshall, S. (2009). Understanding the Value of Interactive SMS for Large Classes. Idea Group Publishing.

Refereed Journal Articles

Scornavacca, E. (2014). The Challenge of meeting user's requirements of a mobile accounting information system. Journal of Information Technology Management. 25(3), 20-30.

Hoehle, H., Scornavacca, E., & Huff, S. (2012). Three Decades of Research on Consumer Adoption and Utilization of Electronic Banking Channels: A Literature Analysis. Decision Support Systems. 53(1), 122-132.

Scornavacca, E. (2010). Innovative ICT to Improve Student Learning Support: The Case of and Austral-Asian University. International Journal of Learning Technology. 3(5), 289-309.

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Scornavacca, E. (2009). Mobile Technologies in the New Zealand Real-Estate Industry. Journal of Advanced Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing. 1(2), 19-28.

Conference Proceedings

Scornavacca, E. (2014). To Connect or Disconnect – That is the Question: ICT Self-Discipline in the 21st Century Workplace.

Scornavacca, E., Carillo, K., & S. Z. (2014). An Investigation of the Role of Dependency in Predicting Continuance Intention to Use Ubiquitous Media Systems: combining a media sytem perspective with expectation-confirmation theories. European Conference on Information Systems.

Scornavacca, E. (2014). Incorporating System Portability into Technology Acceptance Models. International Conference in Mobile Business.

Scornavacca, E. (2012). Introduction to Mobile Value Services, Mobile Business and Mobile Cloud Minitrack. 45th Hawaiian International Conference on System Sciences.

Scornavacca, E. (2011). The Challenge of Meeting Users' Requirements of a Mobile Accounting Information System. International Conference in Mobile Business.

Scornavacca, E. (2010). User Perceived Requirements for a Mobile Accounting Information System. Australasian Conference on Information Systems.

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Scornavacca, E. (2009). Proceedings of Eighth International Conference on Mobile Business. 37399.

Scornavacca, E. (2009). A two-year analysis of students' learning experience using interactive SMS in the classroom.