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Merrick School of Business

Kalyanmal Singhal

Kalyanmal Singhal, D.B.A.

Professor of Operations Management

Department of Management and International Business
Office: Business Center 550
Phone: 410.837.4976

  • D.B.A., Kent State University
  • M.B.A., Kent State University
  • B.Tech., Indian Institute of Technology

Dr. Singhal is a Professor of Management in the Merrick School of Business. In 1989, in collaboration with about three-hundred professors and executives, Singhal founded the Production and Operation Management Society (POMS). He serves as the Editor-in-Chief of the Production and Operation Management Journal. The journal publishes scientific research into the problems, interest, and concerns of managers who manage product and process design, operations, and supply chains. It covers all topics in product and process design, operations, and supply chain management. Dr. Singhal is a distinguished researcher in the field of Operations Management. He currently holds Doris E. and Robert V. McCurdy Chair in Business.

Intellectual Contributions

Book Chapters

Singhal, K., Agrawal, V. K., & Liberatore, M. J. (2013). Automation in Manufacturing and Services. Springer. (Third Edition), 88-95.

Refereed Journal Articles

Singhal, K., & Singhal, J. (2012). Imperatives of the Science of Operations and Supply-Chain Management. Journal of Operations Management. 30(3), 237 to 244.

Singhal, K., & Singhal, J. (2012). Opportunities for Developing the Science of Operations and Supply-Chain Management. Journal of Operations Management. 30(3), 245-252.

Singhal, J., & Singhal, K. (2009). On the Noniterative Multiproduct Multiperiod Production Planning Method. Operations Research Letters. 37(1), 65-66.

Non-Refereed Journal Articles

Singhal, K. (2014). POMS Initiatives for Promoting Practice-Driven Research and Research-Influenced Practice. Production and Operations Management. 23(5), 725-727.

Research in Progress

"A general theory of trade-and-innovation dynamics" (On-Going)

"Identification of Feasible Sets of Project Portfolios from Pair of Mutually Exclusive Projects"

"Identification of Tenable Hypotheses for a System from the Tenable Hypotheses for Its Subsystems and Interrelationships between Hypotheses of Pairs of Subsystems"

"Implied Cost of Customers' Waiting Time" (On-Going)

"Incorporating the value of the customer's time in waiting-line models" (On-Going)

"Innovations in One Country Always Benefit All Other Countries under Ricardian Free Trade"

"Technological Forecasting and Compatibility of Subsystems"

"The Golden Age of Operations Research: A Historical Perspective, Pervasiveness of Applications, and Promise for the Future"

"The Impact of the Holt, Modigliani, Muth, and Simon Model on Production and Employment Smoothing"