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Master of Science in Business-Finance

Today’s business climate demands individuals who are equipped to manage the intense world of finance. Meeting those demands requires a specialized graduate degree.

The Master of Science Business-Finance program provides motivated and talented students with a leading-edge program that includes advanced financial theory, practical business applications and an understanding of current research issues. Students will learn how to apply the latest tools and technologies of financial analysis and engineering to solve the challenging problems that they will confront in a global business environment. The program differs from the M.B.A. in that both the required and elective courses are concentrated in finance, allowing students more rigorous, specialized training in this functional discipline.

The M.S. in Business-Finance program is a natural complement to an undergraduate degree in accounting. Students who complete this degree will have the additional credits necessary to meet the 150-hour requirement to sit for the Certified Public Accountant Examination in many states and to meet the 150 hour CPA licensure requirement in Maryland. Students who pursue the M.S. in Business-Finance are often preparing for professional certifications such as the Chartered Financial Analyst or Certified Financial Planner.

The Merrick School of Business has several program offerings for graduate students.