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Admission Requirements

A master’s degree from the University of Baltimore will equip you with the industry experience you need to get an edge.

Steps for admission in the M.S. in Business-Finance program.

        • 1. Apply online

          Apply online before you do anything else.

        • 2. Determine if you need to take the GMAT and take it if you need to.

          You need to provide us with GMAT scores unless you satisfy the requirements for a GMAT waiver.

          If you are not eligible for a GMAT waiver then don't procrastinate! Go to and schedule to take your GMAT exam. You may also see if you qualify for a GMAT waiver.  If you satisfy the requirements below, you do not need to take GMAT. 

        • 3. Request your transcripts ASAP. 

          Request copies of your official transcripts as soon as possible. It can take time to print, prepare, and mail your undergraduate transcripts to the Office of Graduate Admission. We only need one official transcript from each university you attended.
        • 4. Provide plenty of time for your professional and personal recommendations.

          Give those individuals who are writing your letters of recommendation at least two weeks to complete the task.

          This allows them to take their time and craft an excellent letter of recommendation. Make sure the person puts the letter in a sealed envelope with his/her signature over the back flap.

          Two (2) letters of recommendation are required. The "Letter of Recommendation Form" can be downloaded here. Please fill in the top part of the form" and provide it to your reference. The completed form can be submitted directly to by the recommending party..
        • 5. Prepare and submit your resume.

          Your resume can be emailed or mailed to the address below (step 7).
        • 6. Write your Personal Statement.

           Your personal statement is important. Take your time writing it. Tell us why you are seeking a graduate degree. Tell us about your short and long term goals. Tell us why you will be a successful graduate student. Keep the statement to one page. Proof your essay to correct spelling and grammatical errors. You can submit your essay with your online application or submit it at a later time
        • 7. Mail all materials to:

          University of Baltimore
          Office of Admissions
          1420 N. Charles St.
          Baltimore, MD. 21201

The Merrick School of Business has several program offerings for graduate students.