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Merrick School of Business

Program Requirements

Program Courses

The M.S. in Global Leadership is a 30-39 credit degree program.  This program is offered entirely online*.

Prerequisite Courses [3 credits]

Prerequisite courses may be waived for students who hold a M.B.A. or have taken equivalent courses within the last five years of enrolling in the M.S. in Global Leadership program.

ECON       504    Economics (3)      
MKTG       504    Marketing Management  (3)      
MGMT      600    Leading and Managing People (3)      

Course "Waivers": Information pertaining to course waivers can be viewed on the UB/Towson M.B.A. Web site.

Required Courses [24 credits]

ECON 720 International Economics and Finance (3) (Prerequisite: ECON 504)  
MGMT 757 E-commerce and Supply Chain Management (3)  
MGMT 780 Leading Across Cultures (3) (Prerequisite: MGMT 600)  
MGMT 782 Export-Import Management (3)  
MGMT 745 Sustainability Management (3)  
MGMT 796 Global Business Practicum (3)  
MGMT 798 Global Field Study* (3)  
MKTG 640 Strategic Marketing in a Global Economy (Prerequisite: MKTG 504)  

* Note:The Global Field Study may require an additional travel cost of approximately $3,000. All or part of the classroom work would be conducted online. If travel is required, students will be notified prior to enrolling in the class so that they will be aware of any additional fees.

Electives [6 credits]

Select two courses from the following:

CNCM 740 Ethnic and Cultural Factors of Conflict (3) (available only face-to-face)  
INSS 765 E-commerce Technologies and Applications (3)  
MGMT 730 Leadership, Learning and Change (3)  
MGMT 760 Organization, Creativity and Change (3) (Prerequisite: MGMT 600)  
MGMT 781 International Business Strategy (Prerequisite: MGMT 600)  
MGMT 799 Individual Research (3)  
MKTG 760 Global Marketing Management (3) (Prerequisite: MKTG 640)  
PUAD 770 Government-Business Cooperation (3) (available only face-to-face)