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Merrick School of Business


Careers in Innovation Management and Technology Commercialization

Here are just a few careers that graduates of the IMTC program might pursue.

R&D, Innovation and Technology

  • R&D Director
  • Director, Research and Technology
  • VP Technology
  • Innovation Executive (Director, Architect)
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Lead R&D Engineer
  • Global Innovation Director
  • Global Technical Product Manager
  • Director, Technology, Strategy and Architecture

Tech Transfer, Economic and Business Development

  • University Technology Transfer
  • Managing Director of Technology Transfer
  • Business Development Executive
  • Technology Development Specialist
  • Director of Technology Development and Commercialization
  • Director of Technology Transfer and Innovation
  • Manager of Industrial Partnership Development
  • Economic Development Director
  • Business and Economic Development Executive
  • Technology Transfer Specialist

Product and Project Managers

  • Product Development Manager
  • Business Process Improvement Engineer
  • Market and Product Director
  • Project Manager
  • Project Leader
  • Product Development and Management
  • New Products Manager
  • Venture Team Leader

Patent /IP Attorneys, Venture Capitalists  and Consultants

  • Strategy and Innovation Manager
  • Change Consultant
  • Director Intellectual Property Protections
  • Business Venture Analyst
  • Patent Examiner
  • Administrative Patent Judge
  • IP Attorney
  • Partner, Venture Capital Firm
  • Angel Investor