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Thomas Bozzuto

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Thomas Bozzuto

I think the foundation of why people are proud to work at The Bozzuto Group is that we all treat each other with concern, with respect, perhaps even like members of the same family. And this is true in every part of our company. - An excerpt from Thomas Bozzuto's 08.26.11 blog post.

Thomas S. Bozzuto, chairman and CEO of The Bozzuto Group

On Nov. 28 2012, Tom Bozzuto shared his stories of a 30-year career. During that time he has overseen and been responsible for the creation of nearly 50,0000 residential units with a conservative estimated value of nearly $7 billion. One of the projects was the public/private partnership with the University of Baltimore to build The Fitzgerald.

Background on Bozzuto.

Tom Bozzuto's Blog.

In 1988, Bozzuto established The Bozzuto Group of companies with John Slidell, Rick Mostyn and the late Bernie Lubcher. Today, the companies

provide a broad range of real estate services, including development, management, homebuilding, acquisitions and construction. In his role as CEO, Bozzuto directs the development, construction and management of income-producing and for-sale housing in metropolitan areas located throughout the East Coast. Prior to the formation of The Bozzuto Group, Tom spent thirteen years as Mid-Atlantic Regional Partner at Oxford Development Corporation. He also worked for the James W. Rouse Mortgage Company and, prior to that, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Renewal. A graduate of Hobart College, Tom has a master’s degree in Metropolitan Studies from the Maxwell School of Syracuse University. A Congressional Appointee to the Millennial Housing Commission, he has served several terms as a Gubernatorial Appointee to the Maryland Housing Commission and is also active in numerous industry and community organizations. In 2008, Bozzuto was honored as recipient of ULI Washington’s annual Lifetime Achievement Award, in 2010 was recognized as Delta Associates’ Private Sector TrendSetter of the Year, and in 2011 was inducted into the Maryland Chamber of Commerce Business Hall of Fame.