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Engage in Conversations with Business Leaders

blue chair"Merrick Engages" is a series of conversations that focuses on contemporary business topics through the individual perspectives of successful business leaders. Each business leader sits down with Murray Dalziel, Dean of the Merrick School of Business, and a lively conversation ensues. Audience participation is encouraged. Always engaging and challenging, the dialogue delves into topics pertaining to careers, business transformation and life lessons learned.

Upcoming Conversations


Feb. 22 (Postponed) - A Conversation with Secretary to the Maryland Department of Commerce on "How Business has a Positive Effect on our Communities."

Mar. 2A Conversation with Eric Becker and Lane Epperson, “How Well-Run Businesses Can Make an Impact."

Apr. 18 - A Conversation with Amon Anderson, "How Venture Philanthropy Makes a Difference in America."