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Merrick School of Business

Global Field Studies

2014 Global Field Study Opportunities


How Do I Register for a 2014 Global Field Study?

  1. Complete the Global Field Study Approval form (.pdf) and submit to the professor for permission to enroll.
  2. Complete Wright Global Scholars Application form (.pdf). Award amounts up to $1,200 for eligible Merrick School of Business students. Once awarded a scholarship, complete and sign the Wright Global Business Scholarship Acceptance of Terms form. Both documents listed in step 2 should go directly to Assistant Dean, Lisa Park (
  3. Pay non-refundable initial deposit of travel fees to the travel provider coordinating the field study. The Office of the Dean / Lisa Park will send payment and course registration instructions to you.
  4. Pay remaining travel charges to the travel provider  according to the payment schedule.

At UB, we recognize the importance of enhancing the knowledge base of our students through global field studies.

Each year, we offer opportunities to learn more about how business is conducted around the world.