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Merrick School of Business

Berlin International Summer School

For more information about the Berlin International Summer School, contact Associate Dean, Marilyn Oblak at

How do I apply to the Berlin International Summer School program?

Thanks to the UB Wright Global Scholars Endowment, students have the opportunity to receive funding (U.S. dollars) towards travel expenses. Space is limited for this program (up to 4 students). An application to receive a Wright Global Scholarship is required and will be accepted on a rolling basis until all spots are filled.

Feedback from students who attended the program.

The Berlin International Summer School

The Merrick School of Business will once again partner with the Berlin International Summer School to offer three courses in 2015.

This program is designed for UB graduate students and advanced undergraduate business students.

All courses include academic support program that in general consist of  visits to companies and (political) institutions, and in presentations by experts. The support program is closely linked to the individual modules of each course, thus enhancing the value of the academic course by offering a practical approach. Each module will end with an assessment and upon successful completion of all course requirements, students will receive a certificate. 

To Receive UB Credit:

UB Summer 2015 Registration:  Independent Study - 499 /or 799 (3 credits). Students are responsible for the tuition and fees associated with this UB course. Contact Associate Dean Marilyn Oblak with questions.

Eligible Students: Graduate business students in good academic standing or advanced undergraduate business students.

Application Deadline for Berlin School of Economics program: April 1, 2015. For the application form and more information go to Summer School at the Berlin School of Economics. The application process begins on January 31, 2015.

Cancellation: Cancellation until May 1, 2015: Fees are refunded minus application fee.  Cancellation after May 1, 2015: No fees are refunded.

Language of Instruction: English, proof of English proficiency (e.g. TOEFL 550/213/80 or equivalent) is required.

Class size: 20–25 participants

German Language & Culture: All business/economics courses include German language and culture lessons at introductory level.

Information on Exchange Rates

Read the thoughts of a few students and their experience studying at the Berlin International Summer School.

"My summer in Berlin was very rewarding. Not only did i get to see the famous attractions of Berlin , I also got to experience living in a different country and meet people from all over the world . The excursions and company visits was a very beneficial component of the program. I would definitely do it again. - Judy Moy, UB/Towson M.B.A. student (summer 2009).

"The Berlin study abroad experience was the best experience i have ever had . I met so many people from all over the world that will remain friends for life. The program and professors are challenging but incorporate many exciting extracurricular activities in the program.  - Tara Stradling, M.B.A. '09 (summer 2009).

What other students have said.

"Studying in Berlin was a great experience that I would recommend to any student."

"Studying in Germany is one of the best places to go study, have fun, meet people from all over the world, experience Barbarian culture, and visit Europe ."

"Going to Germany opened my eyes to new opportunities, new business strategies and gave me a lot of new ideas."