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Global Field Study - London, England

March 15-22, 2014

Information Session occurred on Sept. 9, 2013.

Download the London 2014 flyer. (.pdf).

About the Course

This course can be used as an elective in the Management, Marketing, and General Business Specialization. Students in other specializations should contact the appropriate department chair.

This course is intended to expose interested students to the dynamics of business processes from a global perspective. And, we have chosen London, England as the center piece because of its tradition, and growing influence in the emerging global economy.  London is an exciting city to live and study. It is still one of the world’s most beautiful capitals with an immensely rich cultural heritage.  It has become the hub and destination of many international companies. The objective of this course is to introduce you to the organizations and people that are making a positive contribution to their specialties and disciplines by understanding how they operate in a global market environment.

How Do I Register for a 2014 Global Field Study?

  1. Complete the Global Field Study Approval form (.pdf) and submit to the professor for permission to enroll.
  2. Complete Wright Global Scholars Application form (.pdf). Award amounts up to $1,200 for eligible Merrick School of Business students. Once awarded a scholarship, complete and sign the Wright Global Business Scholarship Acceptance of Terms form. Both documents listed in step 2 should go directly to Assistant Dean, Lisa Park (
  3. Pay non-refundable initial deposit of travel fees to the travel provider coordinating the field study. The Office of the Dean / Lisa Park will send payment and course registration instructions to you.
  4. Pay remaining travel charges to the travel provider  according to the payment schedule.
Prerequisites: Undergraduate students: successful completion of MGMT 302. Graduate students: successful completion of MGMT 600.
Length: 1 week during the UB Spring Break. The actual travel dates to London will be March 15-22, 2014.


This field study will emphasize the effects globalization has on influence the business landscape—creating an array of new challenges for companies and government agencies alike. To compete successfully, organizations need managers who are sensitive to the demands of global leadership and who can identify and capitalize upon emerging opportunities. Students will be exposed to a variety of businesses from which they could learn of contemporary best practices and explore new dimensions of management and the emergence and application of international accounting standards.

Course Design and Schedule

The program includes: six nights in a four-star hotel, all breakfasts and two dinners. Five days of visits to companies and institutions in the business sector of London. Visits and contacts will be designed to stimulate intellectual curiosity and creating academic and practical relevance to one’s field of interest. While team discussions will be encouraged individual chronicles and reviews will be expected. The goal is to query, observe and apply existing analytical and critical thinking skills to formulate impressions and conclusions of the experiences the tour provides. Additionally, explore the history, economy, and culture of London through optional sightseeing tours of the most famous sites of London.

Required Pre-trip meetings: To occur early in the spring semester. Dates and times to be determined.

Total Cost: Estimated costs for travel, lodging and local transportation are approximately $3,000. The Wright Global Scholars fund will provide scholarships up to a maximum of $1,200 to eligible students.

For more information and registration approval, contact Prof. Dalton Tong at . To obtain approval to participate you must complete the Global Field Study Approval Form and submit it to Lisa Park ( All approval and scholarship forms are available here.

Trip Cost and Payment Schedule 

  • Initial Deposit: $450 - Due Wednesday, November 13, 2013 1
  • Second Payment: $1,350 - Due Thursday, December 11, 2013
  • Final Payment: $1,200 - Due Friday, January 31, 2014 2

Course Registration Deadline: Wednesday, Nov. 13, 2013
Course Tuition Due: Friday, Jan. 24, 20143 3


1 A minimum of 15 students is required for this field study to take place.
2 Final payment amount is dependent upon individual scholarship awards.
3 In addition to the trip cost students are responsible for some meals,incidental expenses and the tuition and fees for the 3-credit course.