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Employer Forms

Three steps to a Merrick Intern.

Step 1. Post a position. The Employer Internship Information is needed to hire a Merrick School of Business student intern. Once submitted and entered into the UBWorks database students will be able to apply for positions. 

Step 2. Sign the agreement. This form solidifies the relationship with the employer and the Merrick School of Business. This form is needed once an employer has interviewed and hired a Merrick intern. The form is only needed for interns receiving academic credit. 

Step 3. Evaluate your intern. This form helps the faculty adviser determine the intern's grade. This form is submitted at the end of an internship by the employer. The form is only needed for interns receiving academic credit. 

To get started:

Contact the Merrick School of Business Internship Adviser  

Office of Career and Professional Development Center 
Phone: 410.837.5476


What are the benefits of hiring a Merrick School of Business intern?

  1. Offers employers a cost-effective program for recruiting highly qualified and motivated students to meet the company needs.
  2. Provides well-prepared short-term employees to assist current employees, so they have opportunity to pursue higher projects.
  3. Meets peak or seasonal needs without a long-term commitment .
  4. Offers a low-cost method of training potential future employees .
  5. Creates a recruiting edge on campus.
  6. Helps to identify potential future hires, a pipeline for candidates .
  7. Acts as a recruiting activity with low risk.
  8. Provides an opportunity for supervisory experience for developing employees.
  9. A way to gain short term talent.
  10. Provide the organization with fresh ideas.
  11. Fulfill a civic and professional responsibility by providing students with real work experience
  12. Low-cost, high quality labor.
  13. Increase diversity.

View the contact information for Merrick faculty internship advisers.