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Merrick School of Business

 Business Mentorship Program

Please complete this application and send it to Michael Swaby-Rowe,, no later than Friday, June 6, 2015.

Your application will be reviewed by the Office of Dean and you will be contacted to discuss the next steps.

The Merrick School of Business Mentorship Program brings students and business leaders together for an exchange of information on education, professionalism, aspirations and ideas.  It enhances student learning through exposure to the business world and specific industry knowledge, while providing professional development opportunities as well.


This program is targeted for junior or senior year business student who have completed

  • 60+ credits
  • Completed MGMT 330 and 
  • Maintains a 3.0 GPA. 

Approximately 20 -25 individuals will be selected to participate.  The ideal candidate will be either a member of the Helen P. Denit Honors Program or a Wilson Scholar recipient.

The following will be specifically considered:

• Demonstrated commitment to developing as a leader

• Demonstrated proficiency of leadership skills at work or in another setting

• Demonstrated communication skills

• Leadership role in volunteer organization or in another setting