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Assurance of Learning: B.S. in Information Systems and Technology Management

Mission Statement:  The Bachelor of Science in Information Systems and Technology Management program at the Merrick School of Business delivers key business competencies and develops specialized skills needed for successful information systems professionals. 

It emphasizes the application of information systems technology to business and provides students with the knowledge and skills to enhance their job performance and allow for meaningful professional career advancement in the information technology area. Our graduates will have:

  • Goal 1: Competencies in the Application of Technologies in the Development of Information Systems

    Description: Students will apply information systems technology to business.

    Learning Objective 1.1: Students will demonstrate proficiency in the key information technologies used in organizations.

  • Goal 2: Understanding the Environment of Information Systems Development and Deployment


    Learning Objective 2.1: Students will demonstrate understanding of the managerial and organizational issues and practices surrounding information systems.
  • Goal 3: Effective Communication Skills

    Description: Students will demonstrate an acceptable level of written and oral communication skills.

    Learning Objective 3.1: Students will produce a professional quality written business document.

    Learning Objective 3.2: Students will deliver a professional quality oral presentation, accompanied by appropriate technology.
  • Goal 4: An Ethical Perspective

    Description: Students will understand the importance of behaving ethically in their professional lives.
    Learning Objective 4.1: Students will identify an ethical dilemma and apply an ethics model or framework to propose and defend a resolution.
  • Goal 5: Team Skills and Dynamics

    Description: Students will understand group and individual dynamics in organizations.

    Learning Objective 3.1: Students will demonstrate knowledge of factors related to effective teamwork.

    Learning Objective 3.2: Students will collaborate effectively in a group.

Download the Assurance of Learning Results (.pdf)