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Your career options for the Pre-Law specialization in B.S. in Business Administration program is full of potential.

  • Types of law you can enter after you obtain your law degree:

    This are a few examples of areas where business and law intersect.

    administrative law and regulatory practice
    antitrust law
    business law
    intellectual property law
    International law
    labor and employment law
    public utility, communications and transportation law
    real property, trust and estate Law
    science and technology Law
    tort trial and insurance practice
  • Positions you can hold:

    This are a few examples of positions that graduates might pursue.

    budget analyst
    compliance expert
    financial analyst
    financial manager
    fraud examiner
    government agent
    personal financial planner

  • Areas of expertise you’ll develop:

    This are a few examples of skills a graduate might develop in the program

    auditing financial statements
    conflict resolution
    contract development

  • Where you could work:

    government agencies
    nonprofit organizations
    law firms
    private industry

Contact the UB Career and Professional Development Center to learn more about preparing yourself for life post-college: 410.837.5440 ¦ ¦ UB Student Center, Room 306