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Application for the University of Baltimore Entrepreneurship Fellows Program


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Student ID number (if applicable):

Expected start term:

Current status:
UB Student
Incoming Student

Current GPA (cumulative from previous institutions for incoming students):

If in transfer, from where and have you applied?

Open Ended Questions (250 word limit)

1. The Fellows Program is about launching a new venture. Describe your most promising new venture idea.

2. Discuss how your prior experiences contributes to your ability to launch successfully your proposed new venture.

3. Describe your greatest passion and its sources.

4. Discuss the biggest risk that you have taken in your adult life and explain why you took it.

5. Choose some book that has been important in shaping your thoughts about entrepreneurship and discuss a 'single' aspect of it that is particularly significant to you.

6. How did you hear about the Entrepreneurship Fellows Program?

7. Describe why you would be a good candidate for the E-Fellows Program

8. Tell us about your favorite entrepreneur (big or small) and what about their experience inspires you

9. Tell us about a failure you've experience in your entrepreneurial journey and what you learned from it

10. Tell us about any successful ventures you've had and why they were successful

11. Are you prepared to commit to two years of rigorous study and focus on your venture to see it completion? How will you ensure your success?

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