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Alex Greif, entrepreneur

There are so many opportunities available, and I cannot wait to see what the future holds.

Alex Greif, B.S. '15

Alex Greif is a people person. He’s gained a formidable basis of knowledge about people by taking noncredit classes in body language, micro expressions, and graphology, and by working at a local country club. He is also a part-time magician – hey, it can’t hurt, right? Greif is a firm believer that to succeed in business, everything starts with relationships, and with studying people’s behavior. He believes these skills have helped him create new business ventures. For example, one of his recent endeavors was working with a company to research and develop new technologies that could outpace their competitors. He came out of the experience humbled by the fact that his skill-set can be applied at this essential task, and he’s grateful to be along for the ride.