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Chris Wilson, entrepreneur

I'm on a mission to help build and advance an ecosystem of social innovation and inclusive economic development for Baltimore. It’s the perfect time for the city to adopt a more entrepreneurial approach.

Chris Wilson

Time will only tell what impact Chris Wilson will have. His steadfast strength to build a better community has not waivered as he attempts to grow his business. He lives by many mantras and has set many goals for himself, but one thing is clear—he is building a business that makes money for his company and for the 13 people he now employees.

“All along I’ve wanted to create a realistic and sustainable jobs for the disadvantaged population living in Baltimore City,” said Wilson. “Barclay Investment Corporation is not a nonprofit, we intend to make money. But our overarching goal is to hire people right here in Baltimore, who have found themselves in situations that make it difficult to find a job, like being incarceration, undereducated, and impoverished.”

Wilson’s business model and life story has caught the eye of journalists and film-makers. Once incarcerated himself he grew to understand his faults. His remorse was clear as he came to terms with his past and mapped out his future. He wrote well-defined goals in a document and submitted it to his judge for her consideration.

Ever since Wilson has checked the boxes for each goal he has achieved he’ll check one more soon—obtaining his bachelor’s degree from UB.

Learn more about Chris Wilson on his website.

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