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Michael Onuoh, Entrepreneurship Fellow

I knew the program was rigorous in nature and I needed that extra push and drive to success. I felt that being around other entrepreneurs would only make me better. - Michael Onuoha

Michael Onuoha, B.S. '16

Michael Onuoha was born in Nigeria and came to the United States with his immigrant family in order to pursue a better life. His family came here after they won the visa lottery that granted them a green card. His parents sold everything they owned, and boarded a plane to America with hopes of providing their children a better life. Growing up, he saw the struggles of his parents had to in pursuing the American Dream.

Onuoha transferred to University of Baltimore as a sophomore after attending the Community College of Baltimore County Essex campus for a year. He quickly realized at the community college that he needed more of a challenge and a different atmosphere away from typical distractions.

“I learned about the Entrepreneurship Fellows Program through a UB adjunct faculty member after we were discussing business after class. She mounted pressure on me to apply to the program. I honestly thought I didn't have what it took to get in.”

Now as a member of the second Entrepreneurship Fellows cohort he’s following the path of entrepreneurship because of the “unknown.” He gets a excited in pursuing things and being someone who starts things. He wants to be hands on and put his future into his own hands.

“Entrepreneurship allow my creative juices to bubble.”

He believes that this program was right for him because he knew that he needed to learn more about entrepreneurship and to develop many other skills to launch and grow his new startup.