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Donovan Peterson, Entrepreneurship Fellow

"The most attractive thing about entrepreneurship to me is that entrepreneurs make dreams and visions a reality and the ideas can be so seemingly unrealistic but entrepreneurs can make them happen."-  Donovan Peterson

Donovan Peterson

Donovan Peterson knew this program was right for him from the beginning. As he sat in his  Entrepreneurship 101 class at Howard Community College, the professor was describing the UB Entrepreneurship Fellows program as a new way to educate entrepreneurs.

At the time he was just learning about what it takes to be an entrepreneur, both financially and personally. When he was ready to transfer he remembered what his professors said and took the risk to apply to UB.  

Peterson has a mantra about entrepreneurship that goes like this: "Your idea can change ten times over, but stay true to who you are and you’ll find your way in the entrepreneurial environment.

What is he working on now?

Peterson's venture is Furr Guitars—a company that manufactures custom made designer instruments out of wood. He has a foundation in art and music and although his idea has changed from pursuing ownership over a music venue, designing an app and other things, all the ideas continue to revolve around his passion for music and art.