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Mustafa Wahid, Entrepreneurship Fellow

"I know that a way to help people around the world is with a interdisciplinary approach with a combination of economic development, innovation, and creativity."-  Mustafa Wahid

Mustafa Wahid

Mustafa is an Entrepreneurship Fellow and a candidate in the University of Baltimore MBA program. He was the first MBA student to be accepted into a pilot program.

He received his Bachelors of Science in Biology and Psychology with a minor in Philosophy from Loyola University Maryland.

On a good day Wahid can speak five different languages (Bengali, English,Hindi,Spanish, Urdu). For fun Mustafa practices Japanese Ju-Jitsu, writes article for his self-improvement blog, and aspires to be a Renaissance Man.



What is he working on now?

Wahid is working on launching TransitioningU an online platform for transitions student from high school to college. These actions serve as the beginning of his life long journey to change 10 billon lives. Such a transformative mission was born from his time studying public health and medicine in El Salvador.