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Lisa Parisi, Entrepreneurship Fellow

"I'm up to the challenge as an entreprenuer  to heal the city."-  Lisa Parisi

Lisa Parisi

Lisa Parisi sees herself as both a healer and en entrepreneur. On one hand she is a licensed massage therapist and on the other she has the drive to be an entrepreneur. 

"You never know what life will throw at you. In my late 20's I realized I could do what I love and make of business of it. I also knew if I was going to do the latter, I needed a business degree. I was ready for a bold move."

Parisi was knew about the University of Baltimore's Entrepreneurship Fellows program when she was a student at Anne Arundel Community College. She had heard it was going to be difficult to get into, but she persevered. She wanted to be in a rigorous program with high expectations and she worked hard to get admitted. She understood that being passionate and putting herself out there could give her the edge.

What is she working on now?

Lisa Parisi is working on a business idea that integrates wellness with the workplace. She envisions onsite wellness options including massage therapy, to counter the effects of stress, morale and helps improve a company's overall culture.