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Hiba Mohammad, Entrepreneurship Fellow

"I speaks five languages, and I love learning about different cultures and foods, and would love to incorporate ethnic cultures into my designs one day."-  Hiba Mohammad

Hiba Mohammad

Hiba Mohammad was born in Mogadishu, Somalia, and is a transfer student from Howard Community College where she concentrated in entrepreneurship.

Mohammad's business idea has been inspired by her daughters. She has athletic girls and she wanted to find a way to offer modest athletic gear so that her daughters could to play their favorite sports and respect the Muslim traditions.

She lives with her husband and six children in Columbia, MD. She also was the runner-up for in the 2016 University of Baltimore Attman Business Prize Pitch Competition.

What is she working on now?

Hiba started "Asli," a for-profit online retailer that designs and sells sports clothing for active Muslim women of all ages.