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Your career options for the accounting specialization in B.S. in Business Administration program is full of potential.

  • Types of jobs/fields you can enter:

    general management
    hospitality management
    international business
    nonprofit management
    program management
    project management
    sales and marketing

  • Positions you can hold:

    account manager/account executive
    administrative services managers
    assistant manager
    business analyst
    business development manager
    business process manager
    cost estimator
    customer relationship manager
    e-commerce coordinator
    general and operations manager
    industrial production manager
    logistics manager
    management analyst
    operations manager
    quality manager
    sales manager
    sales representative
    social and community service manager
    supply chain coordinator/manager
  • Areas of expertise you’ll develop:

    business analysis
    change management
    continuous improvement
    financial management
    operations analysis
    program evaluation
    project management
    quality-control techniques
    resource allocation
    sales and marketing management
    strategic planning
    supply chain management

  • Where you could work:

    government agencies
    health-care organizations
    hospitality industry
    insurance companies
    investment firms
    nonprofit organizations
    publicly traded companies
    self-employed/run your own business
    small/mid-size firms and global corporations
    technology firms