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Minors at UB are a cohesive set of undergraduate courses designed to provide you with an optional opportunity to cultivate skills and knowledge through concentrated study in an area outside of your major. These 15-21 credits may focus on one discipline or may be interdisciplinary.

Why would you choose to complete a minor?

  • You may choose to complete a minor to leverage your major if the minor complements or supports the areas of study in your major. Choosing to complete a minor could help make you better prepared to enter the work force and could increase your professional competency.
  • You may choose to complete a minor for fun, simply because the areas of study in the minor interest you.
  • You may choose to complete a minor to make good use of credits that you may have earned prior to choosing or changing your major.

To declare a minor, you must:

  • have already declared a major (or declare both a major and a minor at the same time)
  • have completed at least 24 credits with a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0-2.5, depending on the minor; please see the individual minor Web pages for further information
  • seek the approval of your academic adviser in determining if a minor is appropriate for your course of study.

Guidelines to note:

  • You may use a maximum of 6 credits to satisfy both major (degree) and minor requirements.
  • At least half of the required credits for the minor must be upper-division courses (300- or 400-level).
  • You may apply a maximum of 6 credits transferred from another institution to a minor.
  • You must earn at least a C (2.0) in each course you apply to the minor.

For more information about minors, please contact your academic adviser.