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First-Year Seminar

One of the real springboards of the UB Freshman Experience is the First-Year Seminar. Through a combination of classroom and online instruction, this course will help you develop skills that you can apply to your studies throughout your time at UB.

In this seminar, you'll learn how to create:

  • your four-year college plan, a flexible timeline for your stay at UB that sums up your college goals and interests, like studying abroad or finding an internship; even better, this plan also outlines how to achieve these goals.
  • your electronic portfolio, which documents your academic and professional development through projects and achievements during your undergraduate years; upon graduation, you can use this portfolio to apply for internships, jobs and graduate school.

Online learning, the second component of the First-Year Seminar, is based on you and on your personal learning pace. You can complete individualized independent studies at home or on campus.