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Several contracts have been awarded for use by MEEC Participating Institutions for the purchase of IT Hardware.  Awards have been made in six Groups:

  1. Desktop and Portable Computers
  2. Data Storage Systems
  3. Server Class Computers
  4. Network Hardware
  5. Virtual Computing Systems
  6. Peripheral Devices

Awards have been made by brand within each group.  For example, Dell desktop and portable computers have been awarded to Dell, and Data Networks.  HP Data Storage systems have been awarded to Daly, ESI and Hartford (HCGI).  Purchase orders released against the contract may be made directly to any vendor awarded the brand needed, in the relevant Group; secondary competition is encouraged, but not required.  Secondary competition via Task Order Request for Quotes, or Task Order Requests for Proposals may be issued to any of the Master Contractors awarded for the needed brand, in the needed Group.  Purchase orders under the contract may include services directly related to the hardware purchase, including pre-sales engineering, loading of operating system or application software or utilities, loading of software images, installation, set-up, configuration of the new system to an existing network or other system, etc, provided that the cost of all such services is less than 49% of the total purchase.  Such orders are not services as defined by COMAR since they are directly related to the installation or operation of the hardware and would not be needed if the hardware was not being acquired.

The tables below summarize the contract awards; click on the link to open the table.  The original contract awards were from June 22, 2012 through March 15, 2014.  The contracts have been renewed, and will now be in effect from March 15, 2016 through March 15, 2017.  This is the final year of this contract. Questions about interpretation of the contract may be sent to the Procurement Officer of the lead agency, Blair Blankinship, C.P.M., University of Baltimore, Director of Procurement, 1420 North Charles Street, Baltimore, MD  21201, or by e-mail to

Directory of Contractors

Table 1:  Awards for desktop and portable computers

Table 2:  Awards for data storage systems

Table 3:  Awards for server class computers

Table 4:  Awards for network hardware

Table 5:  Awards for virtual computing systems

Table 6:  Peripherals

Contractors may offer better discounts and lower prices than the discounts in the table.  Secondary competition is especially encouraged for large purchases.  Sample Task Order Request For Quotes (TORFQ) and Task Order Request for Proposals (TORP) have been posted on the web page.  Those forms may be used as the basis for forms to be used by Institution Procurement offices, or the Participating Institution may use its own forms.

The contracts do not include “cloud computing” options where the hardware is owned by others and space, or storage, or computing capacity is provided as a service, lease, or license.  The contracts do not include radio communications equipment, or cellular telephone equipment.  However, some contracts do include computer hardware that can maintain a network connection or communicate over a cellular data connection.

View a Power Point presentation about contract implementation.


Last Published 12/1/16