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The Purchasing Card program is designed to simplify the purchase of goods and services costing up to $5,000.

You may request a UB Purchasing Card by completing a Cardholder agreement form and a cardholder information form. The cardholder information form must be approved and signed by the cardholder's supervisor.

A log of purchases is maintained by each cardholder to provide complete and accurate documentation of purchases and for reconciliation to the monthly statement.  Each cardholder must also reallocate each charge to the correct Account and, if necessary, Department in PeopleSoft Finance.  The receipt of each purchase should be documented by a receiver (a UB employee that is neither the cardholder nor the reviewer).  The receiver verifies what was actually received.   Purchases must be reviewed by the department head or designee reviewer.  The reviewer is responsible for reviewing the activity log, the paper statement, the receipts and the receiving documents to ensure each transaction:

  • is accounted for
  • is for the benefit of UB
  • complies with UB Procurement Policies and
  • is reasonable and accurately recorded.

As with all purchases, it is appropriate to consider first those sources available under existing State of Maryland and UB contracts, however, the use of the card is by no means restricted to those contracts. In fact, the Purchasing Card is the preferred tool for making purchases that are not restricted from the P-Card program.  MBE firms should be utilized when and where possible. You can access the database of certified MBE contractors here.

Purchases must be in compliance with all state laws, USM Policies and Procedures and University of Baltimore Purchasing Card Procedures.

P-Card Transaction Log Form (in MS Excel format)

If your card is lost or stolen, please call US Bank at 1-800-344-5696 as soon as possible to report the loss.


Restricted Items

Here is a list of items restricted from purchase with the card.  If you need any of the items listed, please use the Requisition > Purchase Order process. You may not use your UB VISA Purchasing Card to make the following kinds of purchases, unless you have received an exception, in writing (via e-mail) from the Director of Procurement. If you need to purchase any of the items or services listed below, please prepare a Purchase Requisition.

• Airline Tickets
• Alcoholic Beverages
• Amusement and Entertainment
• Cash Advances
• Computers, except with prior written permission of the PCPA
• Donations
• Drinking Places (Alcoholic Beverages)
• Restaurants
• Entertainment (for example, Ski Tickets, Tours, Theatre, etc.)
• Fast Food Restaurants
• Gift cards, gift certificates or other cash like or cash equivalent items.
• Guns, explosives and ammunition
• Fines or tickets
• Furniture (except furniture purchased from MCE)
• Holiday Items (Decorations for Offices, Cards)
• Hotel or Motel
• Insurance Premiums
• Lodging or Housing Leases
• Long-term contracts
• Major Appliances, except with prior written permission of the PCPA
• Money Orders
• Package Goods Stores (Beer, Wine, & Liquor)
• Personal Purchases--(Flowers, Gifts for Retirement/Holiday Parties, etc)
• Sales Tax---The University is tax exempt-The exemption number is on the front of your procurement card.
• Restaurant
• Travel
• Tuition for Employees
• Vehicle Rental/Lease
• Transportation – Air Travel, Bus, Taxi, Train, etc.

Specific restrictions apply to the following Merchant Category Code Groups (MCCG): 

  • Service Providers - MCC #6010 through #7033 - Total Group Restriction (Financial Institutions, Securities Brokers, Timeshares, etc.).
  • Personal Service Providers - MCC #7221 through #7299 (Except #7296 –Clothing, Costume and Uniform Rental). Restrictions on Photographic Studios, Beauty and Barber Shop, Shoe Repair-Shine Shops, etc.
  • Amusement and Entertainment - MCC #7832 through # 7997 and #7999. Restrictions on Motion Picture Theaters, Bowling Alleys, Video Game Clubs, Betting, Golf, Recreation Services, etc.
  • Miscellaneous - Specific restriction by Merchant Category Code as follows: No purchases for these groups and/or items are permitted.
  •  Contracted Services - 1099 vendors (Unincorporated service providers) are not blocked, but are excluded by regulation.
  •  Purchases of food and catering should be approved by the Dean, Director of Department Head, and have the prior approval of the Director of Procurement.

You are not permitted to artificially split or divide a purchase with a value greater than $5,000 into multiple transactions.

For advice or assistance please contact Diana McGhin at 410-837-5717 or Blair Blankinship at 410-837-5714.

The State of Maryland, Comptroller's Office Purchasing Card Manual has more information about the program. 

The Purchasing Card program at the University of Baltimore is made possible by a contract between the State of Maryland and US Bank.

Historical Note:  US Bank held the contract from April 2002 until April 2007.  The transition of the Purchasing Card Program from US Bank to Bank of America was completed on April 26, 2007.  Bank of America's contract expired in April of 2013 and after a competitive RFP process the contract was awarded to US Bank (again) in April of 2013.

If you need any assistance, please contact Dee McGhin, Purchasing Card Program Manager at 410-837-5717.
If your card is lost or stolen, please call US Bank at 1-800-344-5696 as soon as possible to report the loss.


Last Published 12/8/15